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Out of the glow of an unfamiliar lamp, I am unfolded, beaming.
Kis Lany Vagyok

Green May Surprise
Originally uploaded by Rianwyn
I saw this flower on my walk to the grocery late this afternoon.
It's a late bloomer, I guess, most of The Cleve seems flowers all over the place, and buds are few and far between.
What surprise will this plant have this May, hmm?
It looks like poppy, sort of, but smoother (and the poppies have popped, so to speak, already).

I also was taking pictures of a grey tree covered with white flowers and someone though I was taking pictures of the house behind it. "Are you going to buy that, or what?" "What? Buy the tree?" "No, the house with the for sale sign on it."

I think this is the last day for angrybunnyman 's Green Photography Experience, and it has been fun for me this time! I've been overwhelmed with green and didn't get around to doing the silly things that I wanted -- like writing formulas on my whiteboard for copper oxide and chlorophyll, or color-appropriate tri-stimulus values. Or taking pictures of a new co-op, or pre-fired ceramics... I also wanted a picture of me feeling queezy -- but I don't over actually feel queezy and someone already took that one on the first or second day, poor lady.
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Caramelized onions! 
Can you smell that?  Actually, neither can I, really, since I have lilacs in the dining room.  So I can't smell them until I get into the kitchen.  But when I do... whoooie!

**time lapse**

And consider me omletted.  That was scrumptious.

In other news -- when I hear wedding-days referred to as 'every little girl's fantasy,' I make some serious scrunchie face.
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mint julep
Originally uploaded by Rianwyn
Bookclub today - I made "fried" chicken and mint juleps.
This is the end, I'm clearing off the table and I tipped my mint leaves over and I figured I'd better snatch my picture while it was green.
I put my cup of drink there strategically... but the rest? That's just how I live my life: Bourbon and Flowers.

For angrybunnyman's Green Photography Experience.
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Okay.  Reading internet dozily until I fall asleep.

Tomorrow is book club.  I have fresh mint and bourbon -- and chicken thighs and legs seasoned and soaking in buttermilk.
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Originally uploaded by Rianwyn
Something green for lunch.
(And I ate all of it...)
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Hooray!  Field trip!

(Not really, I'm headed to Willoughby again.  At least I'll get to listen to NPR in the car.  I have to doubly-plus remember to fill out my mileage reimbursement form today, so that I can get a big, fat check back.  Huzzah!) 

Also - each day that passes makes it more difficult to sit -still- since I have all of this good-news and big-plans building.  Feel this culmination?  Tides swelling?  Horizons rising?  I'm all a jitter.

Current Mood: All a jitter.

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A morning's work
Originally uploaded by Rianwyn
For angrybunnyman's Green Photography Experience. I don't know what day this is so far, I'm not great at counting today.
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Somehow, I forgot to eat breakfast.

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Green panties!
Originally uploaded by Rianwyn
Well, didn't get a chance to wander around pointing my telephone at things today. Here's what I found in the bathroom when I looked down! And then I pushed a lot of the editing buttons to make it look this way. Really, I wish it looked like black pants (they are very black!) with bright green undies. I think since I got the reflective white tile floor in the shot, my phone kept adjusting the color scale (saturation something something?) and the colors looked a bit washed.

Day 3 of angrybunnyman 's Green Photography Experience.
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So, I'm on a conference call right now.  And there's a total mouthbreather sort of "hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" into the line on his end.  I want to be all, "Dude!  Press the mute button!  Seriously!"
And I know exactly who it is.  See, this co-op is a new employee.  He's pretty green, so to speak.

HHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh!!!

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